General Questions

Loan policy is the quick responds to ensure all investors get into investment to attain a level of profit. In this program verification is needed once after applying for loan to make sure the investors who’s requesting for loan is been fully identified. In a case where by verification failed, please take note that your country Identification card doesn’t match with your IP address. You may be asking if your loan can still process without verification !! The answer is yes but the conditions applied that investors must pay off the loan before attempting withdraw and also there must be certain amount of funds you must have in your account before you can apply for the loan . For more information please do contact us on whatsAap
No, you can’t withdraw with random wallet address or account details. This is because after the system got upgrade of which attackers where hacking into members account to make withdrawal, due to TradingXection withdrawal is instant. To avoid such act: the system upgrade was synchronized with recognition to any address / account number the company receive deposit from. It implies that only that address /account number which the company received deposit from will be the only address / account number that withdrawal will be sent too. Please take note that TradingXection is strict towards this action and if eventually you can’t find  your address / account number please do contact the support centre and support centre will guide you on how to reset your account( please contact support center when login to your account for fast responds). Please take note that there’s charge to reset your receiving details . All TradingXection operataions are transparent that’s why we discuss every operation to all members before investing .
our system are been check every week for security purpose as all process are been automated. that is why we put in 2017. any name you see as 2017 is a test every week.
-starter plan which earns members 25% at the end of the contract of 15days with weekly income of 1.66% with minimum deposit $50 and maximum deposit of $1500 -silver plan which earns members 40% at the end of the contract of 17days with weekly income of 2.35% with minimum deposit $1501 and maximum deposit of $4500 -gold plan which earn members 50% at the end of the contract of 18days with daily income of 2.77% with minimum deposit of $4501 and maximum deposit of $7000 -platinum plan which earn members 60% at the end of the contract of 19days with daily income of 3.16% with minimum deposit of $7001 and maximum deposit $9000 -customised plan which earn members 75% at the end of the contract of 20days with daily income of 3.75% with minimum deposit of $9001 and maximum deposit $15000.
direct deposit which are automatic are reflected instantly such as perfect money and bank deposit , paypal e.t.c while manual deposit such as bitcoin are been reflected into members account in less than 30 minutes , any deposit that exceed more than the time mentioned, the member should contact support centre immediately
15 minutes maximum . if withdrawal takes more than 15 minutes please do contact support immediately.
tradingxection is not own by one individual but by many share holders. we only give control to the top share holder called CLINTON. CLINTON is regarded as the top share holder among all individual in TRADINGXECTION and also REGARDS TO SASO BANK GROUP for recently holding 20% shares with TRADINGXECTION COMPANY.
tradingxection is a set of organized share holders working hand to hands to make all investors mission towards success in forex trade market place come to reality

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